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2006 Christmas Letter

2006 – The Year of the Thank You NotesBefore we begin, I first apologize to those of you who have used the entire “S” section of their address books trying to keep up with me over the years.It is probably easiest to just move me to “X” and be done with it, really, or switch to a Rolodex.This year’s update:Occupation:selling business telephone systems for DataTel Work number: (208) 401-2110 (direct phone & fax)Spouse:(yes, you read that correctly) Andy Stepson: DavidFull name:Toni L. Sutton (nope, no changes)Don’t try this at homeAndy & I got engaged on January 11, got married on September 23, and in the time between we sold 2 houses, bought one, moved, and planned a wedding.It’s amazing what you will do when you’re in love and can exist on minimal sleep.DavidHaving read WAY too many fairytales when I was a child, I still struggle with the idea of being a “stepparent,” let alone a “stepmother.”The very word still sends shivers down my spine.Luckily, David pretty much views me …

2005 Christmas Letter

Season’s GreetingsSome people are known for their great contributions to society like libraries or foundations.Others are known for curing terrible diseases or displaying great courage in times of crisis.I am known for my Christmas letter.We take what we can get.As many of you know, every year I like to try at least one new thing.Perhaps it’s my inexhaustible tendency to say, “How hard can it possibly be?”Or perhaps it’s that I am just a slow learner and haven’t noticed how often those words have gotten me into trouble.Regardless, the Christmas letter would be lost without this fatally optimistic tendency of mine.Joining the information age:For those of you who have lost their scorecards, I now sell business telephone systems for DataTel Communications in Meridian.(I am not even on a fundraising board anymore, so you do not have to screen my calls any longer—unless of course it’s for personal reasons)When one is selling technology, I feel one should embrace it, or at least give it a r…

It's starting....

December 17 and the sewing room looks like it has been struck by yarn & fabric terrorists.This year I PROMISED myself I would not make gifts—we have had such a busy year and I have made so many things and I have so many things still in progress….Then it started. “One little gift won’t hurt…”

There it was, the fateful words….For the same unknown reason that women believe that cookie crumbs have no calories, having absolved myself of making gifts for people, I have become an absolute maniac about making gifts.As I write, one gift that I wasn’t going to make this year is in the embroidery machine, another gift I wasn’t going to make has been shipped off to New Jersey, and a “just in case” gift hat is drying on a bottle of Lysol wipes (none of our bowls are really the size of a human head—a serious flaw in housewares to a knitter).Still, I was under control until the baby sweater problem.When one of my friends asked if I had any extra baby sweaters she could buy for a friend’s soon to …

Originally posted May 7, 2006 on our wedding website

As our wedding website so helpfully points out, we are 138 days away from the wedding. One house is sold, things are packed (usually whatever we happen to be looking for at the time), and we are finding out what it is like to live together.

Two cooks, one kitchen
I always swore that if I ever went out with a man who could cook. I would marry him. Well, Andy does and I am. We've revived my "recipe of the week" experiment from a couple years ago, and have been eating really well for the last month. Which has led to...

The couple who exercises together had better have separate alarms
In one of those "We're in love so all activities together are good" moments, we decided to start exercising in the mornings. At 5:00. Aside from the fact that nothing is fun at 5:00 in the morning, the exercise portion isn't bad. It's the alarm clock. Because our power keeps flickering & knocking out all electric clocks, Andy bought a new one from Costco that resets itsel…

Achieving the Perfect Tan for the Wedding

A few weeks ago in a VERY loving conversation, the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with pointed out that I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost's twin sister in photos, and suggested I might want to consider getting a tan to bring me to the skin coloring of Caucasians who DON'T glow in the dark for the wedding photos. He does have a point--in any pictures involving flashes I look slightly paler than death, and am so pale normally that doctors regularly insist on testing me for anemia (and those who know my great fear of having blood taken can guess what THIS does to my alabaster complexion....and my vertical hold). So Friday night my brave MS of Honor and I (without the aid of alcohol) ventured into a tanning salon. In the past I have had some success with self-tanning lotions, but have always been afraid to use it on my face after a very nasty episode of wearing long sleeves in 100+ weather to cover my new striped appearance, so tanning lotions were out. I have alw…

Men v. Women

I think the real difference between men and women really boils down to what instructions they choose to read. Recently I was taking towels out of the washer & transferring them to the dryer and I noticed the washer was set for hot water.

“Love of my life, did you just wash these in hot water?” I asked.

“I always wash towels in hot water,” was the reply.


“I don’t know. Should I not do that?”

“Uh, no,” I replied, finally understanding the multiple shades of blue that abound in the linen closet.

Now, being female, I could be simply amazed that my loving fiancé, a very bright man, had never read the laundry tags when doing laundry. However, I do the same thing with my car.

“Have you ever changed the timing belt on your car?” my loved one asked me one day.

“Would that be done in a ‘tune up’ scenario or does one have to ask for this service?” (I always find impeccable grammar helps when I am about to have my gross ignorance of a topic revealed.)

“No, you have to ask for it, usually at 7…