Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cancun - Day One

For our house buying/selling extravaganza this year, we worked with a realtor who had been a client of mine back in the days of paging & who I really consider to be one of the best salespeople I have ever known. He coached us on presentation, timing, sold both houses within hours and for more than we ever dreamed, handled little problems that arose without even calling us, and found us the house of our dreams. In ADDITION, as a wedding gift, Gene and his wife gave us a week in their time share in Cancun as well as the plane tickets to get there. Caryn, who dresses up as a clown for one of the hospitals, delivered the honeymoon package to me on the day of the wedding complete with clown suit and a balloon bouquet. For those of you who haven’t experienced, Clown Delivery on your wedding day is tremendously cool—I highly recommend it.

Day One
Even when on one’s honeymoon, it is very hard to pretend that a day of flying is romantic.

Three connecting flights and we were in Cancun, or more specifically, waiting in Customs before being allowed to enter Cancun . It would depend upon our being able to pass through their tight security, which amounted to having your bags x-rayed if you chose one line and walking right past the x-ray machine if you chose our line. Of course, I see their point. Who exactly is trying to get from the USA into Mexico illegally?

We arrived at our hotel to find the pool area and beach deserted and the outdoor restaurant almost deserted. The faint-of-heart had obviously been discouraged by the rain, but having come from a rather chilly Idaho , dining under a tent beside the ocean is still fabulous, even if it is raining. Our hotel was right on the ocean, with a small quiet beach. While dining, we watched an old clipper ship strung with lights sail by with an on-board party in full force. Now there’s something you don’t see everyday, or at least not in Idaho .

Translating loosely from Spanish, Cancun means “place where college students come to drink.” Aside from my first initial heart failure at seeing “$225” for a dinner entrĂ©e (and why it’s called the dollar sign if it also stands for pesos is anyone’s guess), Cancun is a lot like being in any tourist-trap in the US. One can experience such native dining experiences as TGI Friday, Outback Steakhouse, Subway, Dominos, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds. (One wonders if America ’s lasting contribution to world society is going to be the phrase, “Ya’ want fries with that?” But I digress…)

Built in a rough circle, Cancun deserves an A+ for town planning. Staying in a hotel? Look for Zona Hoteleria. Looking for an all-night party? There really is a “Party Zone.” How much clearer could it get? I will deduct a few points for the lack of sufficient street drainage, however. Not to be critical, but if I were in charge of streets in a town that can receive a full inch of rain in an hour, I would have considered drains—that’s all I’m saying.

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