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Perhaps we need an association?

There are people who can sit quietly and patiently--I am not one of them. I am a fidgeter--a serious one. As anyone who has had the misfortune to sit next to me on a plane when I have finished reading my book can attest, I get very cranky sitting with nothing to do. Even as a child, the greatest punishment my mother could dole out was to send me to "The Chair," a big green La-Z-Boy chair where I was to sit doing nothing for what seemed like hours and was probably a matter of minutes. To this day I have a strong dislike for that chair, and have banned any even vaguely similar chairs from my house.

As an adult, I have learned to cope with my fidgeting (though apparently not my chair issues), and try make sure that I always have something to do--just as I've seen parents do with small children. I carry a purse specifically to be able to have a book and a knitting project with me at all times. Traffic jam? No problem, I have a sock to work on. Left for half an hour in…

"Good" Friday

This week I learned:

1. One can apparently get food poisoning from carrots that have been in the refrigerator too long.
2. It's a really long way from our bed to the bathroom
3. Breaking one's toe on the way greatly slows down one's speed on said journey
4. Even when done at the top of one's lungs, swearing does not ease pain
5. Some cats believe that a live vole at midnight will make you feel better.
6. "In sickness and in health" was a good thing to include in the marriage vows.