Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Casa de Goar-Sutton

Hello all!

When we last saw our heroes, Toni had broken her toe during a bout with food poisoning, and Andy was nursing her back to health. We are happy to report that both survived the ordeal unscathed, and marital harmony prevails, as does a tendency to clean out the refrigerator more often and to watch where one walks.

Desiring to finally have places to put the lovely wedding gifts the couple received, Toni & Andy have embarked on a furniture quest. Three years ago, Toni purchased a Queen Anne style table, thinking that a classic style is always best as one can always find pieces to match. Toni is no longer amazed at her ability to be dead wrong. Though it lasted 250 years, Queen Anne style was obviously a "fad" and is not to be found in any furniture store in Boise.

David is currently enrolled in a "Social Graces" class to reinforce the idea of manners that Toni & Andy have been trying to teach him, and today learned the correct way to eat parfait, which left Toni & Andy in the dust as neither had ever given any thought to the intricacies of parfait. Toni & Andy will be enrolling themselves in the next session.

In addition the "Recipe of the Week" program, Andy decided to find new drink recipes each month to take advantage of the wide range of alcoholic utensils the couple received as wedding gifts. Tonight they tried Mint Julep, also known as "minty battery acid." Most of the drinks went down the sink, where they are probably dissolving any buildup accumulated on the pipes.

In honor of Andy's new table saw, Toni has tripled her "Honey Do" list. The current project of shelving in the sewing room is almost finished, and as a reward Toni is starting on a second set of summer clothes for Andy. While not admitting to bribery, Toni firmly admits that she believes in encouraging behavior she wants repeated.

The cats continue to be loving animals that believe in sharing with their humans, though the last offerings have at least been dead prior to entering the bedroom. The humans have been well conditioned, and instead of screaming "Ick!" at the sight of dead vermin, exclaim with real feeling, "Good kitty! You killed it this time!" (We apologize to the vermin community for any disrespect implied.)

Tune in next time when the newlyweds celebrate their one-year anniversary in their new house. Until then, everyone at Casa de Goar-Sutton wishes you a happy & healthy summer.

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