Thursday, August 23, 2007

Furniture Under Pressure?

After a year of searching, the china hutch that we ordered was delivered on Saturday. From across the room, I love it. It's elegant--I love the curvy wooden thingies on the doors, it matches the table, it could hold all the glasses that have been in storage since our wedding. It's fabulous.

But, like many things, when you get a little closer, you start noticing

little pock marks all over. Some aren't even so little. Without admitting REALLY publicly what we spent on this item, let's just say that we are MUCH closer to a free flight with Southwest Airlines right now. For that amount of money, we're thinking we'd like to make our own dings in the thing.

Even thought I don't generally follow such things, even I realize that the "distressed" look is very big, though in my naiveté, I did not realize there was a subcategory called "distressed formal." While I will admit that hosting formal parties might be a bit stressful, I'd like our furniture to be able to take it in stride.

A gent from the store will be arriving on Saturday to either make arrangements to replace it or to take it back. Being so obviously not "with it," I did not know I should specify that I would prefer the non-beaten look. We will make sure we ask in the future.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

The hutch is gorgeous. I am one of those distress lovers. But I can understand if you are not. I think it makes it look old and like it has been well loved. :) Sometimes I guess you could even call me a distressed lover. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to work in a furniture store, and it was nearly impossible to find a piece of furniture that did not have those 'pock marks' on them, and I dislike it as well.

I think the furniture designers figure if they put a few on there from the get-go, you won't notice/stress over it the first time you put your own dings in them.


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