Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mystery Revealed!

It's a wing.

OK, only one side is a wing.

The Mystery Stole's theme is Swan Lake, and the black stoles represent Odile, the daughter of the evil sorcerer, Von Rathbart, who turned the princess Odette into a swan in the first place.


I love ballet, took lessons for 10 years, and love Tchaikovsy's music. I love knitting and new challenges, and am so hooked on the beaded lace idea that I've been half tempted to add beads to everything I'm working on, which worries Andy as one of the projects is a sweater for him and while he may admit to being more in touch with his "feminine side" than most men, beaded clothes seem to fall in the "When He__ Freezes Over" category. HOWEVER, I now have a mostly-finished stole with, though it isn't supposed to be one, a rather evil-looking face on one side, and what will be a wing on the other end, representing an evil ballet character. It may be just me, but does that strike anyone else as being not very high on the gift-giving possibilities???

Our youngest cat, Prometheus (Theo for short), has apparently been so thrilled with the whole wing concept that he brought a small bird on Saturday, which he immediately released in the sewing room, and which my loving husband caught after racing up the stairs to see why his wife was shrieking like a banshee. Not to be outdone, the other cat, Calisto, promptly presented us with a grasshopper. Guess which cat received the catnip.....:)


Gammy aka Peggy said...

I certainly am not a fast knitter. Clue six seemed so short after Clue 5 and being behind on all the other clues. It is possible that I neglect other things and that is why I am now up to date on the stole. :) :( :)

Jill said...

Got your comment over on my blog - I haven't bought a elann but have "window shopped" there.

Your cats are SO nice to give you special presents. I'm lucky that my boys only live inside but they find other ways to give me presents like bringing all their toys in the bed during the night. Aren't cats wonderful to have around!!!

Dorene said...

Oh Lordy. Finally, honesty prevails and someone comes out and says the darn MS4 thing is horrid! Mine has been banished to the frog pond, but being so disgusted with it, I can't even look at it long enough to rip it out!


You know you've reached a whole new level of gardening when you receive a wholesale catalog.....