Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stole? What stole?

Some knitting projects are a lot like dating. At first, it's exciting--the possibilities are endless. Everything is new and and it's all great. Then, you start to notice the little things--the pattern is a little repetitive, Mr. Maybe chews really loudly, the project's shape is a little odd, Mr. Maybe's shape is a little odd--then the doubts start. Is this really working for me? Do I want to see this person/project five years from now? Is this worth giving up closet space (notice how nicely that works for both)?

Then you notice the big things--the pattern is not just repetitive, it makes you want to remove your brain and beat it against the wall; Mr. Maybe is a boor who does everything really loudly, and condescendingly explains that to "patronize" means to talk down to, without seeing the obvious irony. Working on the project makes you want to stab someone with a knitting needle--being around Mr. Maybe makes you want to stab HIM with a knitting needle....

This is where Mystery Stole, currently referred to as the "beaded knitting abyss," and I are in our relationship right now. Most lace--in fact, most knitting, is repetitive. The problem is, I don't like the design. In knitting/dating, there has to be chemistry and I find the "wing" version about as attractive as Elmer Fudd on the dating front. Some people are just more open-minded than others--I never dated men with long hair, and I don't like asymmetrical projects. Not that there's anything wrong with either one, but they aren't for me.

Until I can be a bit more free-thinking, I have temporarily banished Beaded Knitting Abyss, and am making socks for Andy.

There are some relationships that are meant to last.


Jill said...

I opted out on the wing version of the Mystery Shawl. I too am not a wing person. I started making a second side up to clue 4 but it's sitting around for a while. The bloom is off the rose for now.....
oh well, maybe this winter.....

Dana KBS said...

I like the wing. But I am realizing I'm not a stole person--knitter or wearer. Shawls, perhaps--wraps, possibly, but stoles? Doesn't really fit with my day-to-day existence as oh-so-glamorous English teacher ("Don't end sentences with prepositions," she said, flinging her wing over her shoulder?) or mom of two rambunctious small people.

That said, I Will Not Give Up and have persevered nearly to the end of clue 6 and if I have to sew the d a m n thing into a pillow I will.

Now, more importantly: long awaited soup recipe:

Split Pea and Smoked Turkey Soup

2 cups dry yellow split peas (one pound)
2 cups chopped cook smoked turkey or sliced cooked turkey sausage (or kielbasa, or whatever)
1 1/2 cups coarsely shredded carrots
1 cup chopped chives
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried oregano (or substitute 1 tbsp fresh of both of the above)
5 cups chicken broth
2 cups water

Rinse peas; drain
in a 3.5 or 4 quart crockpot, combine the peas, meat, carrots, chives, garlic, and dried herbs (if using). Pour broth and water over all.

Cover; cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 3-4 hours. (that's what the recipe says but in practice it takes longer than that on high, FYI)
If using, stir in fresh herbs before serving.

It turns a funny color if left longer than 8 hours but still tastes good.

:-) Dana

Karen said...

Hi! Read your post on the MS#3 list. Can't wait to see photos of how you chose to complete your stole. I really loved the way you described your feelings for the mystery stole - I am with you 100%. I was already a little bored with it, since I felt like I was doing the knitting equivalent of filet crochet, followed by all those cat's paws (the double decreases were the big excitement). Then I lost my beads and had to send off for more right about the time that I would have had to decide what to do. I have several ideas of ways to finish the stole that I think I would like better than the wing, but I have not been back to it since. Maybe soon...


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