Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day Seven - What is a substitute?

I generally do the week's grocery shopping on Saturday, but opted to wait and go today, and I came home with more groceries than I generally do. Now the question is, is that because of the holiday week or am I impulse-buying at the grocery store to compensate for the no-new-purchases rule? For example, was the hot buttered rum mix a festive/seasonal thing, an I-can't-buy-anything-else splurge, or is it somehow related to the fact that I went to the grocery store much later than I usually do and the crowds and lines made me think fondly of any type of alcohol.....certainly a point to be debated. Still, I did not come home with a single item that could be classified as a "thing."

Our experiment might be making us a little odd--today Andy left the oven door open for a while, and I made a point of closing it--not because it was a waste of electricity--but because if the bulb burned out, we couldn't replace it for a month.

Our experiment also made browsing the pre-Thanksgiving Sunday paper--the one with 3 pounds of ads promoting the biggest shopping day of the year--a very surreal exercise over the morning coffee. Do retailers offer things that the public demands, or is the public demand driven by the promotions done by retailers? This is a very deep conundrum to ponder over decaffeinated coffee--we had to break down and brew some fully loaded java. John Maynard Keynes did probably not drink decaf.

The things we are wanting to buy most:
* epoxy (you could see THAT one coming, couldn't you?)
* the missing 3/8 yard of material, most likely now stretched to 1 yard because that's the way patterns work
* spice jars (we have some spices in baggies that I didn't get transferred yet and bags don't sprinkle well)
* towels - we have returned 2 complete sets of towels to Macy's because the colors bled, and still own the most pathetic collection of towels that any newlyweds ever dried with.

And what will actually happen on December 13? Hard to say on only the seventh day, but one idea is to set a small monetary amount and each purchase one item within the limit. After all, what would be the point if, after all of this, we ended the experiment with a day of unrestrained spending????? Oh yeah, it would be called "Christmas Shopping."

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