Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 23 - I Was Smug Again

The universe really seems to hate smugness. Last night, I was feeling a bit too sure of myself. We only have a few days left in our no-spending experiment, and while I didn't actually say it, the term "piece of cake" did run through my mind.

And that's when the universe gets you.

This morning I discovered that my glasses had fallen off the nightstand & sometime in the middle of the night, I must have stepped on them, or something that was on top of them, because they are broken today. Most of the day I wear contacts, but I am now reduced to being blind as a bat first thing in the morning and at night--or at least until the stupid little experiment I dreamed up is over. Repairs might have been allowed, but we're at the "new frames" stage, and that qualifies as a "thing" and can't happen until December 13. Rats.

"Piece of cake." What was I thinking?????


charlene said...

Hi Toni,
I followed the link in your post to Elizabeth's Year to your blog. I'm so glad I did. I couldn't stop reading until I had read the whole thing. It was wonderful reading. Thank you.

strabuls@yahoo.com said...

I, too, found the link to your blog in the Elizabeth's Year post. I feel a sensibility kinship, and I so wish I could write with your style and humor. Alas, I'm stuck somewhere between the Victorians and the Roaring 20s (although born until '31) in my word choices. Methinks it comes from having worked with a bunch of older folks who loved PBS dramas, and being an English major who devoured that literature. . .and, of course, helplessly now being one of those old folks myself! I'll be returning to your blog(s) when I need a good chuckle. And to see what happens on the 13th!
Sally T.

SusieH said...

Hang in there - a loooong fuzzy-looking week to go, eh?


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