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Humility Begins at Home

I sell technology for a living, and spend my days explaining VoIP, routers, power over ethernet, SIP, and other relatively "cutting edge" technology. Often I show coworkers how to use our devices, and have even impressed large corporations with my understanding of technology.

I admit, I might have been feeling the teensiest bit proud of myself--for a liberal arts person to even survive in a technology-driven industry takes quite a bit of effort. One has to not run screaming from the room when others start discussing bandwidth and data speeds. One has to learn to care about network capacity. This is all quite a turn for someone who was commended in college for her ability to write sonnets. I was feeling a bit smug--until last weekend.

At the age of 5, David explained resistors & LED lights to me, using an electronics kit for children (probably more for my benefit than his). Now at almost 7, he has graduated to real electronics, and has a box of circuit boards, resist…