Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dem fischer sin fru

The new KAL has been open for 24 hours now, and I'm sure someone has already posted a message that they have finished clue number one and that they are translating the Old Testament into pig-latin in order to have something to do while waiting for Clue #2. Luckily, as you might have guessed, this KAL is in German, so I am unable to read most of the messages, having studied Latin instead of German while in college. But if the Vatican ever hosts a knit-a-long, I'll certainly know what is going on.

I have started clue 1:

I am probably behind, but I learned to knit long ago to help cope with my Type A behavior, and am trying very hard to avoid competitive knitting, though there is a part of me that might be tempted to argue that if one can call Curling a sport, competitive knitting can't be too much of a stretch. I bet an experienced sock knitter turning a heal burns about as many calories as a curler. Throw in the occasional temper-tantrum over a dropped stitch or a printed chart error and presto! ESPN might even be interested.

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Camille said...

Ha! I couldn't help myself either, but you know that. Sadly, I have too many lace shawls on the go. I just finished row 47 so I'm putting mine down for the night. I'll be posting photos after clue 1 is done.

My ms3... It's currently sitting in my stairwell, sulking.


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