Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Little Work Humor

I realize these might not be funny to everyone, but if you work in the IT/IS world and have EVER had to work with Qwest, these are hysterical:

In response to a question about an authorized person on an account:

Hi Noel,

Yes I will look into this asap. Do you know Jesus's last name? Also, would you please let me know when you spoke to him.



If Jesus can't get authorization, it's hard to imagine who could!

And the latest:

Sorry, but we have no control and nothing to do with static imps here

Take Care.


For those who were wondering how Voice Over IP really works, it's all done with uncontrolled imps with static cling.

Trust me--if you worked in telecommunications, these would be really funny. :)

And now you can appreciate why I never talk about my work on the blog....

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