Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 18 - Now We're Really Confused

One of our friends is about to embark upon a 6-month "through hike" of the Appalachian Trail, so we're helping with regular food packages along the trail (there are mail-drop locations along the way, since without a mule or llama, it would be impossible to carry a 6-month supply of food with her, and I just can't see spending 6 months with a llama). As she leaves in less than 2 weeks, this week we dragged out the food dehydrator and have begun the food preparation in earnest, but we keep catching ourselves blending experiments--she needs foods that will last for several weeks, and we're aiming for things with no preservatives whatsoever that can only last a matter of days. It's taking a lot of concentration to remember "Her Rules" and "Our Rules," though 18 days into this, "hers" are sounding a lot better than "ours." She gets Rice Krispie Treats (no part of which is allowed in "our" rules), and we get tuna salad. However, we'll have running water & a real bed for the next 6 months, so I guess I can spot her a few Rice Krispie treats.

She's using "Bananas" as her trail journal name, and her husband is "Ground Control," so we've been trying to come up with our own name. "Chuck Wagon," though possibly accurate is just too reminiscent of the dog food commercial with the tiny horse-drawn wagon being chased by a dog across the kitchen floor. "Canteen," and "Commissary" sound military & I think just guarantees that nothing will taste good. I think "Haz-Mat (hazardous materials) would be funny because once I sent them some dried fruit in a package, and when the girl at the counter asked if I was sending anything hazardous or perishable, I didn't know whether dried fruit counted as "perishable," (it is, but not for a really long time, but this is the post office, after all) so I told her the package contained dried fruit. Without hesitation, she said, "I don't think dried fruit is considered hazardous." So I emailed my friends to let them know their dried fruit was classified as "non hazardous" the US Postal Service--so you can see where the Haz-Mat joke fits in, though I'm not sure if anyone wants to be fed by "Haz-Mat" for 6 months. We're considering "The Caterers," but that's just not as much fun as "Ground Control." Any thoughts?


SusieH said...

HazMat is funny, but I LOVE Chuck Wagon. That just cracks me up. What a great trip for your friend to be making...she deserves the Rice Krispie treats, for sure.

Dana KBS said...

Is "McDonald's" just too cruel of a joke at this point in your experiment?

I've always liked "Piggly Wiggly" as the name of a grocery store. Chuckwagon is pretty funny, too, and I associate it with a great burger joint rather than the dog food. :-) Dana

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