Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 21 - Things we have learned so far

1. Business lunch meetings are a good way to torture someone who is trying to eat healthy. Shepherd's Pie, for heaven's sake???

2. Groats are fine in granola, but they are really lousy as breakfast cereal all by themselves.

2. Even though I haven't eaten sugary cereal in years, after 20 days of this, I'm having slightly impure thoughts about Cap'n Crunch.

3. Nobody eats tuna for the taste of it.

4. By Thursday, no one wants to cook or do dishes.

5. If you can't go down the aisles, grocery shopping goes pretty quickly.

6. It's hard to tell when the bird seed ends and the health food begins in the bulk bin section.

7. It's hard to convince people to come over for dinner if they know about your little food experiment.

8. Your husband can get a lot of sympathy at work if his coworkers read your blog.

9. It's hard to stop calling food by its labels--protein, carbs--and start thinking of it as chicken and potatoes.

10. Short months are better for my little "experiments."

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SusieH said...

Do you know that I had to go and look up groats? I thought - oats? Grits? No...not quite.

Kasha is not bad- that's a groaty thing, but it's best savory, cooked in chicken stock with mushrooms and served with Ukrainian food, like I used to get in my dad's neighborhood in NYC.


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