Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 26 - I can almost taste the Diet Pepsi

What we have given up this month:

diet soda
my daily cinnamon bear (Andy is handling this one better than I am)
white chocolate martinis
delivery pizza
Digiorno spinach & mushroom pizza
one of our favorite soups (illegal ingredients)
all cold cereal
almost all food in restaurants
most breads
boneless turkey breast
canned soup
microwave popcorn
salad dressing
anything & everything that comes in a box
even the beef jerky I keep in my car for the "no time for lunch but need some protein" moments

The thing that has been the absolute hardest for either of us to give up all month?

Diet soda - without question. We've been like smokers trying to just make it one more day without carbonation. I have not even trusted myself to sit next to someone who is drinking a diet soda. I don't really think I'd sneak a sip from a total stranger's glass, but still......if they weren't really paying attention.....

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pat said...

Hahaha... oh, a fast is such a hard thing to do! While I have gone several days eating nothing at all, only drinking water, and found it relatively easy, I didn't extend it for over a week. That was long enough to prove a point (to myself) and I learned a lot from it. But one thing you will find is that the universe seems to gang up on you and tempts you like never before! haha... just enjoy the joke, and you will win ultimately.

Diet soda is one of the most terrible poisons that is foisted upon us, and it's a good thing you are rid of it! Don't ever go back to it... you really need to find out what's in it! It's disgusting! Those companies should be sued for all the damage they have done to their consumers.

March 2 isn't that far away at all!

Gosh, this Lent is going to be so very long!! *sigh*


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