Friday, February 29, 2008


Today I said something I have never said in my entire life, "Hallelujah, it's February!!!"

That lovely short month!

Tomorrow night we are having pizza--TOTALLY loaded with all those meats that one doesn't like to question too closely. And about 7 Rolaids each as a chaser.

It turns out that there really might be something to this whole processed foods thing (OK, let's face it, we were all hoping that frozen pizzas and convenience foods didn't make a difference). We've had to make a few exceptions (see how much better that sounds than "cheating?"), and almost every time, it has resulted in a really upset stomach and an occasional headache. It looks like it's going to be hard--if not impossible--to go back! Granted, I'm willing to work on a healthier diet, but to give up Digiorno's spinach & mushroom pizza entirely?????? Say it isn't so!!!!

MAINTENANCE NOTE: It takes longer than I imagined to type in email addresses, but I'm hoping to finish tonight & make the blog private. So, if you are not an obsessed ex-wife in need of a life and would like to have access to this blog after tonight, please email me directly or leave your email address in the comments. Anyone except the exwife will be cheerfully given an invitation.


Rete said...

I read your blog regularly and am cheerfully normal -- please don't cut me off! ;) I'm subscribed through bloglines so I don't actually click through every day, but I do enjoy your writing. Thanks! (

Suna said...

Honestly, I am not laughing at you, but with you--your little bolded part reminds me so much of stuff I put on mine before I hid it, due to the ex-wife of my man.

I hope things smooth down for you.

And your pi shawl is really lovely.

AlisonH said...

Have you read "Stop Walking on Eggshells," about borderline personality disorder? I have a relative whose soon-to-be ex-wife is a classic case. Hang in there...

Son of Renaissance said...

Yo Toni, I made it! I even have a cool username...well you know, in "my" world it is cool lol. Glad to see you got the drawbridge up in time. Speaking of time...I promise I will never take the time to write a blog about your knitting! -Dustin

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