Sunday, February 3, 2008

"You Make Me Happy" Award

I am really new to the on-line world of bloggers--actually, not knowing there really was one until quite recently--but it turns out that there is a virtual world of funny, creative, and interesting people out there, and they go out of their way to encourage and support each other.

Last week, Rachel listed me as one of the ten blogs that make her happy and gave me this:

Now how cool is that? This means that I am now to list the blogs that make me happy, and having just learned how to do links on posts (I am feeling SO techie!!!):

My husband, who not only goes along with all my crazy experiments, but seems to enjoy them (although there was some discussion about the month of no processed foods and the phrase "it's about being healthy, not about being miserable" did cross his lips....

My friend "Bananas" who is planning to hike the Appalachian trail this year and who is always positive no matter what life throws at her.

Susie, who is living & exploring England and whose little girl just met the Queen of England. That's seriously cool even for us democratic Americans who aren't supposed to care about such things.

The knitting-related blogs:

Alison whose concept of how much knitting can really be accomplished in a set time period is only slightly less delusional than mine, but whose optimism & cheerfulness never fails.

Rete, who always has lots of projects going (and much more successfully than mine). I especially love the 101 things in 1001 days project on the side bar. That may have to be my next project.

Camille, one of the enablers who got me into the dem fischer sin fru project, and Alacaeriel, both of whom I met during the whole MS3 project. (I don't think they've finished either.)

And Rachel, who not only made my day with the nomination, but whose blog is such a distraction that it has taken me a week to do this post. Thank you Rachel!


SusieH said...

Wow! I'd like to thank the Academy, my folks, and allll the little people. Hee. Thank you, seriously. I will have to blog now, and pass it along, and check out your other awardees.


Camille said...

Hey! You're right, neither of us are finished with the MS3. Alacaeriel didn't get much further than the first few clues and I'm still stalled at clue 7.

I'm still on track for dem fischer, with only 5 rows to go till the end of clue 2!

Out of curiosity, are you aware that Alacaeriel and I are sisters? Identical twins, no less?

Camille said...

Oooh, I forgot to say thanks!




AlisonH said...

They like me! They really like me! Thank you, Toni! (Bows to the Academy audience along with SusieH.)

AlisonH said...

Oh, now, THAT'S funny! Wrong Alison, duh. Despite the fact that I knitted that circular shawl in two days plus 100 or so stitches the day before. Hmmph. Snatched my golden globe or whatever it was right there out of my hands. I'll just take Brad Pitt and go home now.


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