Saturday, March 1, 2008

Forbiden, Foods

IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This experiment was SO much harder than the "Month of Not Buying Anything New." One really can just not buy things--stamps, epoxy, that darned fabric that I still can't find--but one can't just not eat for a month, even if that would be preferable to facing oatmeal every morning.

I bounded out of bed at 6:08 AM this morning, giddy at the very thought of

Getting food from a box was a surreal experience--food that doesn't look like food. Grape-Nuts do only have one polysyllabic ingredient--an emulsifier (so weirdly enough, that texture is on purpose), so they were the only boxed food that came close to making the "allowed" list this month, but at the final cut, they were out as well. According to our experiment, the only "food" we could have eaten from a box was the box itself, and even oatmeal tastes better than that!

At noon:

To drink something besides water or coffee was positively heavenly. Having not a single ingredient that occurs in nature, I do think I'd probably have been better off without it, but today was not a day of willpower.

And the anticipation while driving to the restaurant..........

And the big moment:

If Nirvana could involve pepperoni and mushrooms, this would be it!

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SusieH said...

That DOES look like Nirvana to me, as does the Barq's :)

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