Monday, March 3, 2008

How We Think We Did

Here it is, day 3 of eating like "regular" people, so it's time for a little reflection on our experiment:

1. The thing we missed most was diet soda--no contest. I am now drinking them only in moderation, but I'm noticing that they now make me really thirsty. We're thinking perhaps it's the level of sodium or maybe the carbonation? I'm still sticking mainly to water & coffee.

2. Being a human lab rat is a strange experience--made even stranger by the fact that it was totally voluntary.

3. The thing I am actually most thankful to be able to eat again--Grape Nuts. Since I hate eggs in any form & sweets for breakfast make me sick, I am pretty dependent on cold cereal for breakfast. Leftover roast beef was a very strange substitute.

4. I have been experiencing some headaches this month, which are generally caused by my allergic reaction to milk. The headaches were surprising because I have lived with the milk allergy for so long that I can generally gauge how much milk or dairy I can have before I have a reaction. Since I was looking for a milk trigger, it wasn't until the last headache that I started to wonder if it was tied to the few times this month I did have processed foods. The thought of another zinging headache has kept me a healthy distance from those cinnamon bears.

5. We have no idea if either of us lost weight on this little experiment. A year and a half later, we still can't find the bathroom scale.

6. I feel like I have way more energy now. Those of you who know me well realize how scary that concept is.

7. Some processing is okay, like washing. Washing is very good, as is cooking, canning, dehydrating, freezing, roasting, and pickling. I don't think anyone who works full time can eat only fresh foods all the time.

8. I'm a little sick of nuts & homemade peanut butter.

9. If there was an allowable food that could be obtained in a drive-thru that wouldn't upset my stomach immediately, I didn't find it.

10. If it wasn't for the butter chicken curry sauce packets available at Cost Plus and this book, we would have starved. Side note: The recipe for naan is fabulous and does NOT involve turning your oven up as high as it can go. Secondary side note: Olive oil burns at around 500 degrees.

11. Grocery shopping felt a little like being at war with corn syrup.

12. Even though they are now "allowed," neither of us have eaten many processed foods yet.

And the number one thing we learned - People start asking what your current "Month of" experiment is before accepting dinner invitations.

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Son of Renaissance said...

*I don't think anyone who works full time can eat only fresh foods all the time*

I hear that! Also MEGA kudos to number food killz!

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