Sunday, March 30, 2008


Chalk it up to the really powerful drugs, or perhaps my overwhelming optimism, but we have decided to try the "no-processed-foods" experiment for an entire year. Heaven help us.

I do at least have the sense to modify it slightly--we'll each be allowed 1 or 2 "forbidden" foods each week (probably 2 since the idea is to improve over-all health and not just to suffer for good blog fodder), and we will be starting this little brush with insanity in January of 2009, so we have some time to prepare (aka warn our friends).

Also in preparation, we need a larger garden as the existing garden is both small & in a spot too shady for most plantsnot to mention needing better soil & some more spring cleanup. I was a bit shocked to find how much of the garden survived the winter, The chives haven't even slowed down,

only part of the sage froze

same for the thyme

and the parsley.

Obviously, they enjoyed our snowy winter more than the rest of us did. I even found one of the most pathetic carrots I have ever seen.

Whether it didn't have enough water, sunlight, or room to grow (there being only a few inches of dirt in the garden plot), carrots were a colossal failure last year--you've just seen half the carrot crop.

When we bought our house 18 months ago, we bought the builder's own house, and some parts of the house were extremely well thought-out, but the landscaping, lawn, and garden were obviously themed after the "we're-going-to-sell-the-house-anyway-so-doing-a-really-bad-job
-won't-matter" motif. The backyard is uneven and occupied by large patches of weeds, so rather than try to fix the yard, Andy built more garden boxes

Eventually, we will redo the landscaping entirely, but for the next 2 years we need garden more than we need yard, and this

looks far better than the lawn ever did anyway.

Yesterday we started the dirt process

("we" meaning mostly Andy)

And started germinating some seeds using one of these peat moss trays.

Very bizarre affairs. When you add warm water to the tray of peat moss disks, they immediately swell into what looks like sea anemones made of dirt, into which we smashed seeds.

My fingernails are still filthy, but our little "nursery" is incubating in the back room, and with any luck should show signs of life in a few days.


Anonymous said...
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anna said...
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Alacaeriel said...

good luck with the whole "no processed foods" lasting for a year! I know I'd never survive.

Georgi said...

Wow, I am very impressed. Where in the world did you get the ideas to do this for 30 days? What do you eat besides salad, just about everything in the world is processed isn't it? Good luck, I will enjoy watching for you meal ideas :-)

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