Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sin City - Without Technical Issues

Even a town built on greed & loss and offering prostitutes at every turn has some beauty. Vegas's is in the Bellagio. We saw the Chihuly glass display

which is quite lovely and incredibly expensive, and the Conservatory, which was sporting an Asian theme this time:

Can we guess which of us takes better pictures?

After all the snow & cold we've had this winter, it was wonderful to experience some 75-degree temperatures
which is what we told everyone about on Monday, conveniently forgetting that we were inside most of the time.

Vegas has gotten very expensive over the years--2 cups of black coffee set us back $7.00 and we're still not admitting to what lunch on Saturday cost us--which is sort of surprising. I thought the whole point of Vegas was to get people there to gamble away their money, but since everything cost so much, we could only afford to play the penny slots, which I had never seen before. Andy lost his $1.00, but held out long enough to get a diet soda from the cocktail waitress, and I managed to win a few "jackpots" on this bad boy

If you notice, this "penny" machine does not accept coins of any kind, and when I cashed out my $2.65, I received a ticket and some gratuitous sound-effects of coins landing in the pan. While I realize coins are noisy, heavy, and get really filthy, this
just isn't the same as a bucket of coins. Still, we netted a profit of 65 cents, an orange juice, and a diet soda in the deal, so we figure it was $20 by Vegas prices.

Later at FAO Schwartz, we found a children's game presumably designed by the Mansons. It's a bit hard to read, but it says "Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them."

Obviously Vegas hasn't given up its roots in divorce, or is hoping to host the Bitter Ex-Wives Convention.

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Son of Renaissance said...

Awesome pix! I'm glad you guys had a great time down there.

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