Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday - Various Updates

Today we learned:

* You can dehydrate cheese, but it needs to be on lower temperature setting:

* Cheese stalactites are REALLY difficult to peel off dehydrating trays:

* It may be the oils from the cheese, or the nonstick cooking spray, but spending 39 minutes peeling hardened melted cheese off a dehydrating tray leaves your skin really soft and smelling faintly of cheddar.

* After a month of no-processed foods, making Rice Krispie treats for a care package feels like a criminal offense.

* A cinnamon bear is worth waiting for.

* Sharing keeps you from eating all the cinnamon bears yourself.

* Dried curried chickpeas make a pretty decent snack.

* If you're making up a recipe for curried chickpeas, it would be a good idea to write things down, just in case it turns out well.

* Ziploc must make a fortune off the friends of Appalachian Trail hikers.

* It's hard to keep your kitchen clean and be supplying regular shipments of backpacking food.

* The most surprising foods can be dehydrated. It doesn't necessarily mean that they will taste good, but they can be dehydrated.

1 comment:

SusieH said...

What an interesting photo-essay today. Dehydrated/melted cheese photos: eeeewww. SupahCute picture of Natasha and Boris in your sidebar - lovely!

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