Sunday, March 9, 2008

Vegas, Baby!!!

This weekend we took a quick trip to Las Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera--the Vegas version. Being Vegas, the show had to be chopped to 90 minutes and a few special effects had to be added, but after 24 hours in Sin City, we were relieved that during the entire 90 minutes, no one offered us a prostitute, time share, nor mentioned the slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Believe me, there was no other 90-minute period that could make such a boast. Every 20 feet on both sides of "The Strip," scary looking little men tried to hand cards and fliers offering every variety of "escort" conceivable. I can't decide which I find most offensive--the whole concept in general or that for some reason the little minimum-wage pimps seemed to think that even though we had just rebuffed the one 20 feet away, and the last 30 before that, that we might yet decide to take them up on their offer. Oh yeah--right after I strip off all my clothes, don a pirate hat, and run up & down the streets of Boise calling myself "Buccaneer Buck E. Naked."

I do have pictures (not of that one--I assure you. I meant the trip), but Blogger is having some issues, so I will save them for tomorrow's post.

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Son of Renaissance said...

Yep...I had a bunch of guys come towards me..they were holding something out...peripheral vision and dozens of 80s Action movies told me it might be a weapon...turns out it was one of those cards...actually like, seventy. I did keep one as a souvenir, and put it on my fridge.

Bachelors can do that, right? Just an X-factor in my "interior decorating" lol.

Glad to hear you guys had a great time!

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