Sunday, March 2, 2008

You Can't Go Home Again

Today's lesson: You can't switch back to "eating as normal" without penalty.

We survived the pizza last night with no problems, but after reheating the leftovers for us for lunch, I ended up with a really upset stomach. I don't know if it was related to the whole processed-foods experiment, but I have not ventured into the cinnamon bears yet.

Our intrepid Appalachian Trail hiker, "Bananas," hopped on the train yesterday, and we put the first parcel in the mail today. Our kitchen has been turned into the Boris & Natasha Supply Depot:

and the food dehydrator has been going nonstop for the last couple weeks. We've made breakfast bars, several soup variations, jambalaya and Balti rice combinations, instant smoothies, several varieties of pancakes & bannock, several flavors of dried chicken, and variations on that ever-popular crowd pleaser oatmeal. Bananas will be the first AT hiker to be supplied by caterers!

And since the ban is over and we can enjoy them, anyone else who wants to experience white chocolate martinis, the recipe is as follows:

6 oz of vanilla vodka
3 oz of white creme de cacao
3 oz of Godiva white chocolate liqueur

Mix in martini shaker with ice until cold. Serves 2 people or 1 lush


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Rachael said...

How was the martini?

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