Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Countdown and the Pressure is ON!!!

19 days left before the spending ban begins AND to find $10 worth of totally useless, pointless, money-poorly-spent articles. The pressure is on, as Andy has already said he has found the "perfect" item. A nicer person might let him win--especially to gain favor after the last post (although he who leaves an empty toilet paper roll in our house should know he would end up on the blog)--but I am insanely competitive when it comes to anything completely stupid or pointless. Board games, I'm good--I can win or lose with grace, but it we ever decide to start something completely ridiculous like the Interspecies Battle of the Sexes in Chateau G-S, Calisto and I are TOTALLY kicking butt.

I found one contender,a football snack bowl that plays some sort of music when it opens, but unfortunately even on clearance it would be more than $10--which baffles the imagination, but rules are rules. I think I'm going to have to visit....THE DOLLAR STORES. All is fair in love & competitive spending......

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