Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moles & Snow

Last night we actually had TWO moles in the house, courtesy of Theo, and I went to bed wishing it were still winter.

This morning we woke up to this:
Blast it! If I'd have known the universe was going to actually grant me a wish, I would have wished for something much better--like being able to eat pizza all the time without my butt getting bigger. Rats!

In other news, exactly a month from today will kick off our 90-day "can't buy anything new" project (well, and the end of Andy's job after 18 years, his possible unemployment, and potentially a new project called how-do-you-find-enough-things-
-around-the-house-to-keep-Andy-occupied?) The rules will be the same as during our one-month experiment (see here.) Since it's a much longer time frame, we're thinking we need a good ceremonial kickoff--maybe we each get $10 to buy the dumbest, most useless, unnecessary thing(s) we can find?

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Son of Renaissance said...

Yeah that snowy morning messed me up...I was feeling like I had slept through only part of the winter and it wasn't over! Where is my Summer? Skip Spring since it is just rain and occasional snow anyways, right? =)

Enjoying the "mousing" stories of the cats!


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