Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Online Knitting World Really is Entertaining

While technically I am a member of "Generation X" and we are the first true computer generation (punch cards do not count), I still find it a bit odd sometimes that there are actual communities that exist only "online." While I, in fact, have gotten totally "hip" and "with it" and am part of the virtual knitting world [laughter finally fades], I still struggle with the idea that I "know" people--what they are knitting on, how many tetanus shots they have had to get after impalement by sock needles, whether they are "natural fiberists" or "acrylic lovers" (a VERY hot topic amongst knitters--a guaranteed cure for insomnia amongst anyone else), the yarns they would be tempted to sell their spouses for--yet I have no idea what they actually look like or whether they are really doing all that knitting themselves. Maybe they have stunt doubles? Which isn't actually a bad idea when working with any needles smaller than size 2, come to think of it....

Why would I join such an online community? Because they are an insatiably fun & clever group. Today a very clever knitter announced "Murder by Lace," which sounds like a Victorian Novel or perhaps a newspaper headline regarding someone finally pushed over the edge by the Mystery Stole 3. It's actually based on SOCK WARS--a world-wide game last year where knitters "killed" each other by knitting socks & mailing them to their "victim" before the "victim" could send theirs off to his or her intended victim. Blogs across the world carried "death by sock" pictures and it was featured in several newspapers. I believe no lasting injuries were received, unless you count receiving pink lacy socks.

Murder by Lace will require participants to email pictures to the judge, and the first picture received in each group will kill off all the other members of that group. As much as the Type A in me LOVES the idea of competitive knitting, I won't be participating. Since I work full time, I would be nothing but a sitting (knitting?) duck, and I just can't ask my company for time off so I can murder someone with knitting. I think that would be a fast track to unemployment. :(

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