Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today it's almost 70 degrees. Yesterday we woke up to frost. Wednesday we woke up to snow. Hello Mother Nature--PICK A SEASON!!!!

Since it's mid April and the little plant starts--especially the peas--are becoming a bit problematic, we decided to take our chances and put the garden in today. Andy has a back-up plan in place--

a make-shift cold frame. This high-tech setup is basically tubing and plastic drop-cloths, and should work nicely. I also asked my inventive spouse for a frame of some sort for the peas to climb and...You can't really see it clearly, but the peas have an entire jungle-gym setup here--twine criss-crossed everywhere and held in place by little grooves on the poles. Our peas can get an entire high-wire act going with this thing.

I planted an insane amount of tomato plants...

or it would be an insane number if I didn't regularly kill tomato plants. As it is, we will not be needing to do anonymous midnight tomato drops around the neighborhood. We'll leave that option for someone foolish enough to plant zucchini.

Did I mention I am a cucumber fanatic?

Actually, the NINE cucumber plants were Andy's idea. Fresh cucumbers are one of my all-time favorite foods, and evidently, I have not really been good about sharing. This way, Andy figures he can get a few once in a while. We'll see.

Everything seems to have survived the transplantation well, except the kohlrabi.

It's a bit hard to see, but not a single plant is vertical. We gave them a little Miracle Grow and will hope for the best.

After getting shot by the hose, Theo supervised from a safe distance.

And I am happy to report he has not presented us with any rodents--dead or alive--since Thursday night. So all in all, a great weekend, and a projected 75 degrees tomorrow!

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