Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Had Snow Today

If you want to make it rain, wash your car.

If you want to make it snow, publicly admit that you are trying to raise a garden.

Monday was 78 degrees, and tonight it is supposed to freeze. I admit, I am no gardener and no one has ever accused me of having so much as a green thumbnail, but I think Mother Nature is going out of her way to defeat our gardening attempts this year. I can't even figure out how to prepare myself for this weather, going to work with an assortment of coats & sweaters and short sleeve shirts, and being 37 I've had a lot more practice at that--how would I know how to get a garden through this? The heat/air conditioning in our office has totally given up--heat one minute, air the next, and half the office complaining of heat stroke while the other half types with mittens.

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Forget Global Warming. This year we have Global Menopause.

1 comment:

Alacaeriel said...

I love "Global Menopause" I have this image of a cranky woman finding everything irritating, including car washing and attempted gardening. Didn't know gardens could irritate Mother Nature, didja?

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