Friday, September 19, 2008

Creature Features Part Two

Being Friday night and generally my "down" time, I sat down with my knitting and The Mummy's Hand, the next Creature Features entry. Filmed 8 years after The Mummy--and not having to worry about viewers with VCRs or DVD players that would remember the first movie, it borrowed so much from the first movie that they actually lifted entire film sequences. After 8 years, audiences might not have noticed, but 24 hours do notice these things.

Now the big question: Was anyone actually frightened by these movies when they first came out? I saw Frankenstein in college, and found it actually quite sad but not frightening. So far the mummy series has been more funny than frightening. I haven't actually watched many horror flicks since college, but The Shining always frightens me, but I once heard Jack Nicholson reading Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories" and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, so it might just be him. As a kid, Poltergeist and Jaws scared the daylights out of me. But since then????

Next up is either another mummy movie--there are lots of them--or perhaps we'll move on to Frankenstein. I'd be up for The Blob, but it hasn't come in yet. Of course, if I really wanted to be scared this week, I could have just watched the stock market.......

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Georgi said...

I saw the "Bride of Frankenstein" when I was too young and can still remember how frightened I was. and the weird thing is I still have nightmares about it, though I read Stephen King all the time. But I loved the "Blob".:-)

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