Friday, September 12, 2008

Life's New Questions

1. How much salsa can two people actually consume in a year?

2. Are home-canned tomatoes actually any better for you than store-bought?

3. If one makes pumpkin pickles, what does one actually do with them?

4. Is tomato chutney as weird as it sounds?

5. Before the garden, what did I actually do with my September weekends and did I enjoy it?

6. How many bags of cucumbers and tomatoes can I take in to work before I start getting unfortunate nicknames?

7. Why is squash so much more fun to grow than eat?

8. Is there a pill that can curb one's optimism in the spring when planting the garden?

9. Since they grow like unrestrained triffids, why isn't the world covered in parsley, dill, and mint?

10. Do our friends think it's helpful that we send everyone home with bags of tomatoes and cucumbers, or are they just trying to escape before we try to give them squash?

These are the questions that keep me up at night....

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