Sunday, September 21, 2008


As Andy was painting our bedroom this weekend, we spent the night in the spare bedroom. As this was something NEW in our home, both cats decided to sleep with us--a rather unusual occurrence. This morning Andy had just gotten up, Calisto was laying on my legs, and Theo had curled up in Andy's place, and in that half-groggy in-need-of-coffee way, I noticed something was moving on the covers on my leg. A second later, my brain woke up with a start: Both cats were accounted for and they weren't near the moving thing on my leg.

I can now assure you that it is ENTIRELY possible to wake up, fling the covers entirely off the bed, and leap out of bed in one single motion. Theo leapt to the floor--I think he might have glimpsed a flying rodent, but he certainly hasn't caught anything yet. Calisto just looked at me as though I were a complete ingrate, so I strongly suspect I have her to thank for the "gift."

Why exactly did we think a cat door was a good idea??????

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Georgi said...

It is time to lock the cat door!

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