Friday, November 7, 2008

Month of Martha - Day 7

So aside from hoping the Month of Martha would spur me on to some sort of organizing frenzy (which it hasn't), one of the reasons for picking this particular project is that like so many Americans, I am out of a job. Actually, only sort of--I have several offers I can take at any time so that's a big difference I would guess. I have refrained from saying anything about it because most people's immediate response would be sympathy or to worry about us, but it has really been a pretty positive thing. Since I was in capital equipment sales, we could see the slowdown back in January & had enough warning time to adjust spending, save like maniacs, and by the time it finally happened at the end of September, it was almost a relief. I parted on good terms with my former employers and have received several calls and emails from my clients. Not that I wouldn't technically have preferred a strong economy and a great year in sales, but things are all still good at Chateau Sutton-Goar.

My background is in sales and/or charity fundraising, and since either field right now would be a fast track to alcoholism, we've decided that me taking some time off isn't such a bad idea. For starters, we still haven't fully unpacked from the move-in almost 2 1/2 years ago, and we're still hopeful of finding the bathroom scale. We also need to do something about the landscaping--which was so poorly done that just taking care of it costs about twice what it should. Then there's painting, finally unpacking wedding gifts, the upcoming holiday--so far I've been working longer hours than I did while I was "working."

The surprising thing so far is how much we're both enjoying this. It's been over a month, now, and we've had more time together, we've been able to spend more time with friends, our weekends are not as rushed, we're eating healthier (and for a lot less money), and we're not as rushed all the time.

Now, since I was born in the 70s, I am a child of the feminist movement. I was raised to be able to change a tire, weld, cook, drive heavy equipment, do simple electrical repair, and be completely independent of men in general--to the great regret of a few former boyfriends. It was hard enough to come to terms with the idea that Andy made more money than I did. To even think about being a "traditional" wife is extremely difficult--and if that were truly my only choice in life, as it would have been in the not-so-distant past, I'd probably be knocking back a couple martinis every morning to get through the day. However, in a temporary "let's see what it was actually like" sort of idea, it might be fun to take things a little slower and spend more time together and with friends.

So, I continue to Martha!


SusieH said...

Martha onward, bloggish friend!

Kudos to you for the forward planning. I am glad it's giving you the time, and ability, to take a little time to do other things at a more leisurely pace!

Abby said...

You're on sabbatical! (Hope I spelled that right.) I'm so jealous! No wonder you are making such great progress on WIPs. Enjoy your time to the max!

Dana KBS said...

Sabbatical is right! I hope this is a very productive time for you personally...and that the right opportunity will arise at the right time.

Rachael said...

I'm jealous, is that wrong? When dh and I started looking to relocate last fall I settled myself into the idea of being unemployed for a while after he found a job - he makes more than I do so his career is the one that gets first dibs on location - and wouldn't you know it, what happened? I got a job first. So with all my ideas of going to visit people, staying home to get to know the new neighborhood, and spending hours knitting, quilting and cooking fancy things - I ended up moving across the country and hopping right from one job to another. Sigh. Not that I dont' like my job, I do, but 3-4 months off wouldn't have hurt my feelings at all.

Good for you, enjoy it!!

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