Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And The Correct Guesser is....

No one, though you're all coming closer than I did. One can truly over-intellectualize things sometimes, and I got a bit sidetracked by "fe-person." I thought since "Fe" is the symbol (periodic table of elements) for iron, I thought it was something to do with an iron deficiency or perhaps a reference to a character in the "Ironman" comics. So--you're all closer than I was.

The answer is:

A lesbian.

So, I understand the whole "fe-person" thing as trying to be gender independent (though Wikipedia has never heard of it either), when I was in college, the push was for woman to be spelled "womyn," which doesn't seem to have caught on either. "Body colonization" is therefore supposed to be pregnancy (though of course I was thinking "Aliens") and whoever wrote this is assuming that lesbians are rejecting having children as much as they are rejecting men, but "heterosexual imperialism?" Spreading the power of heterosexuals? Is there any power we don't already have????? Unfortunately the card didn't mention where this particular question came from--wouldn't that be an entertaining read?

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Dana KBS said...

Seems like Genus 5 was written before artificial insemination became common for gay/lesbian couples...because now of course anyone can "colonize" regardless of "heterosexual imperialism" or whatever! Shows such a funny limited view of biology.

I'm really glad fe-person did not catch on. Sounds so...1984. (The novel.)

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