Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Month Down....

So, we've been doing this whole "No Processed Foods" thing for 3 months now. So, what have we learned so far?

* Unless you are actually sneaking into your neighbors' yards to steal their tomatoes, you probably aren't making "too much" salsa.

* Whether we're addicted to the carbonation or the taste, the lust for Diet Pepsi never actually goes away.

* Very few recipes really embrace the idea of "unprocessed foods." Especially Cooking Light.

* If a product says it's "lite" or "low fat," there's no reason to even bother to check the ingredients. Just put it down and move away.

* Having regular access to chocolate cake makes up for a lot of food deprivation.

* Don't rule out anything you might try making until you've gone at least 6 months without it.

* If you're going to start adding pureed pumpkin to your spaghetti sauce, don't tell your guests until AFTER they've tried it.

* Home canning doesn't use nearly as much salt as commercially canned foods. This can lead to some really bland meals if you don't figure that out quickly.

* If meat doesn't look exactly like it did when it came from the animal, it isn't exactly like it was when it came from the animal and stands a really good chance of being illegal.

* Buying shrimp that are already deveined isn't "cheating." It's just a good policy to not be grossed out by something you hope to eat later.

* Unless you actually know the restaurant owner and can ask a few questions, it's best to assume that ALL restaurants are "cheats." If they are chain restaurants, it isn't even a question.

* Forget the scientific studies. If you want to figure out why 65% of Americans are overweight, just spend a few hours at the grocery store checkout stand

* "All natural" is a pretty loosely applied term on food labels.

* Nutrition is tied to 3 of the biggest killers in our country--diabetes, cancer, and heart disease--and yet I have never had a doctor ask me about what kinds of foods I eat. It's become really hard not to wonder about that.

* If there's a food in a box with much nutritional value, I haven't found it.

* In the past, I've had frequent problems with non-diabetes related low blood sugar. Since we started this experiment, I haven't had any.

* Grocery stores provide more sport than one might think. Find where they sell Oscar Meyer "lunch meats" and start reading labels....

* No matter how you try to justify it, food coloring really can't be classified as "allowable." Call me a cynic, but I just don't think "Fd&c yellow No. 5" is a naturally occurring substance.

* It's hard to imagine how much one can miss chicken bouillon cubes.

* In 9 more months, I might bathe in Diet Pepsi.

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