Friday, March 27, 2009

New Lesson Learned: Don't Take Anything For Granted

We're three months into the Year of No Processed Foods, and unfortunately we still keep turning up new "banned" substances. I don't know--I just took a few things for granted. We've been corrected on mustard & vinegars, and now I have discovered the latest one:


OK, the idea behind pickling foods is to preserve them, correct? If that is true, wouldn't you expect pickles to not have additional preservatives in them?????? I admit, I just "assumed" on this one, but every commercially available pickle I have looked at in the last 2 weeks has at least food coloring added--sometimes more things. I even tried the ones that are sold in the refrigerated section--foolishly assuming that they are sold in the refrigerated section because they have less processing & therefore would probably have NO additives. Wrong again (this is why I don't gamble--I'm just wrong way too often). They had more unknown substances than the shelf-stable ones. Rats!!! Pickles are one of my favorite snacks, but we've pretty much decided that food coloring should be a banned substance, so until I find a "natural" pickle--or until I get some cucumbers from the garden--we're pickleless....

However, doing a bit of research on pickles--trying to figure out the food color/additive issue--I visited the Wikipedia site. Anyone ever heard of Kool-aid pickles?????? We won't be able to try them as Kool Aid is pretty much the embodiment of the "banned foods" list, but if anyone actually tries them, I want to hear about it!


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

If you don't want to wait for your own cucumbers to be ready, you could pick some up at the store and make enough of your own pickles to hold you over... :)

Mandy said...

Do you know anyone who makes their own pickles? Perhaps you could trade some of your own preserves for a bottle or two.
Are there any small traders near you who sell their own home-made pickle, chutney and so forth?
The WI (Women's Institute, a long established group meeting in many villages and small towns in the UK. Did you ever see the film "Calendar Girls"?) are well known in the UK for their excellent preserves, cakes and so forth which they sell occasionally at Farmer's Markets.

Son of MCMLXXV said...

NO! Not Pickles!! ARRRGH!

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