Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obviously, All I Need Is A Little Rest

So, back from a vacation where I did no more cooking than heating up canned soup, this week I baked the last of the pumpkins and froze the pulp
And here's a little tip for you--storing pumpkins for 6 months might be a tad optimistic. A few made it, but I think it was 50% or less. The good news is: rotting pumpkins aren't half as disgusting as some rotting fruits and/or vegetables--whatever pumpkins actually are. We still have a lot of pumpkin puree, and after everything I've been adding it to lately, Andy might actually be relieved if we run out before this year's crop strikes, er....ripens.

Next, armed with my trusty book,and thoroughly optimistic after the success of the blueberry syrup, I decided to tackle the cinnamon rum syrup, which of course required a trip to the liquor store for thiswhich is dark rum, which is not the same thing as golden rum or the clear rum which was the one we had on hand. Personally, as there is only about a tablespoon of rum needed anyway, I'm not sure exactly what it even adds, but those who don't know what they are actually doing probably shouldn't quibble.
It's a bit muddy looking, but it tastes pretty good--especially on the pumpkin waffles this morning.....

Then...after a little more coffee than was probably good for me....I made this:which if it works will be a cranberry liqueur in about 3 weeks, and then this: which will be a blackberry & blueberry liqueur. No idea of course what we're going to do with them--though they are supposed to be quite wonderful on a bowl of fresh fruit--but having discovered that Kahlua contains caramel coloring and would be therefore back on the "banned" list, we are again shopping for an allowable martini that doesn't put hair on the chest, as I strongly suspect regular martinis do.

Then--with probably more energy than sense--I dug these out of the freezerand decided to invent my own syrup. It seems to be a combination of sugar & waterheated until the sugar dissolves, then some sort of fruit is addedwhich in this case is mostly blackberries with a few cherries thrown in to reach the 2-cup mark, a little flavoring is added (a hint of fresh nutmeg) then it's cooked for about 10 minutes, the fruit is strained out, and the resulting syrup is cooled & put in the refrigerator. I added a little vanilla to it for interest. It's not as good as the blueberry syrup or anything, but it is edible which quite frankly surprised me. I mean, I've made up soups for years and still manage to produce an inedible one now and then, so I thought my own syrup was about a 1 in 10 proposition. I'm quite pleased with myself & we're having friends over for brunch on Sunday and there will be sourdough pancakes and no less than THREE homemade syrup options! LOOK OUT MARTHA!!!!

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Mandy said...

A really busy day with a lot to show for it.


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