Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Last 3 Days......

This is the general look of our downstairs right now:which all started with this, which was until quite recently within one of our walls and provided water for the outside faucet.
Having not been insulated, the water in the pipe froze, which caused...
which when things thawed out and the faucet was turned on, sprayed the inside of the walls, the crawl space, and our storage closet. Luckily Andy was able to fix it AND you will notice the insulation that has been added
the carpet has been ripped up and is drying in the garage
and we have some new house guests(the other two actually being IN the crawl space), and we are making lots of new friends. Yesterday they were the insurance adjuster, the owner of a disaster cleanup company, and two of his employees. Later this week it will be drywallers, flooring people, and painters.

It actually isn't much in the way of damage in all honesty since the leak only occurred when the hose was turned on outside and as there was very little water coming out of the hose (since it mostly going into the wall), we caught it pretty quickly, and friends coming over are finding it fairly entertaining to be greeted by my canning efforts, so no real harm done, though we won't be using the other outside faucet until all danger of freezing has passed.

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Mandy said...

Good luck with the rest of the tidying and sorting out process.
How are the cats coping with the upheaval?

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