Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today Is Our First Date Anniversary!

And we're all cutesy & happy and we remember that sort of stuff.Nauseating, I know......:)

Since we met through, we both wondered if we would recognize the other one at the restaurant. Match profiles have pictures, but quite often the pictures are.....stretching the truth a bit. Men who are balding often use old photos or ones where a baseball cap covers everything about their noses, and women who have gained weight might use a picture from 10 years earlier. To me the biggest surprise about Match were the number of men who lied about their height. I am 5' 8", which is tall for a woman, and women typically don't lie about their height, so it baffles the imagination that men who said they were 5'8" who were really 5'2" would contact me for dates. Not that I had any problems with dating someone shorter than me, but did they think I wouldn't notice they lied? Not that I can tell you at a glance how tall or short someone is, but if they are truly 6 inches shorter than me, I'm going to perhaps notice that they aren't really my height. I catch things like that.....:)

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