Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ways One CAN Spend a Saturday

1. Traveling to an interesting location.

2. Relaxing by a pool reading a really engaging book.

3. Doing one's favorite sport.

4. Visiting with friends

5. Volunteering for a charity

6. Visiting a museum

7. Trying to locate the water leak that has caused everything in the closet under the stairs to be damp, emptying the closet, deciding the leak is related to the outside faucet, discover that the outside faucet comes into the house within a wall and NOT the crawl space, spend an inordinate amount of time measuring various parts of the house to figure out what point in the wall that would actually be, cutting holes in the wall to find the darn leak, then trying to fix said leak.

Any guesses which was the plan of action at Chateau Sutton-Goar today?

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Mandy said...

I don't think guesses are required for this one. Hope the leak is now mended and not much other repair work is required.
It brought back memories of a water leak we had years ago. The water board had disconnected the water supply to repair a major problem in the road. Water was reconnected after two days, in my absence..... My daughters were both under the age of three at the time.......... Someone had probably played with the taps, since these were found fully on upstairs in the bathroom.
I returned with my daughters, and parents to find a waterfall meeting me at the foot of the stairs!
Mum cuddled my daughters in a dry spot(water was coming through the ceiling as well)singing "raindrops keep falling on my head....". I was not amused at the time. We had only been out for two hours!!
Apologies came later from the water board since the water pressure when the water came back on was much stronger than it should have been......
I can laugh about it now, but it took months to get everything back to normal. It happened near to Christmas too!
I chuckle as I write this - it was a surreal experience.


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