Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, We Obviously Have Some Catching Up To Do

Tonight I decided to check out upcoming events at the Egyptian Theater--one of Boise's few independent theaters and the only one listed as an historic landmark--because it always seems to have really great events. Last month we went to see a couple silent movies as a fundraiser for the Treasure Valley Youth Symphony, and we've been to several lectures there.

I was surprised to see that on March 18, the THIRD ANNUAL Fly Fishing Tour will be held there. Now I might be easily impressed, but how many hobbies have their own film festival? Andy does woodworking, and they certainly don't have a film festival (although that might actually be because there are few titles the wood working world could use that couldn't be misappropriated by the porn industry). I knit, and while the knitting world has its own social networking site and our own conventions, I don't know of a single film about knitting. (You can bet, though, that if we did have a film festival, we would leave some dim lights on in the theater so everyone could knit while watching). I don't know--maybe we're falling behind. I think we need our own film festival.

To get us kicked off in the right direction, my suggestions for the first Knitting Film Festival:

* Chariots of Fiber
* Adam's Ribbing
* Blazing Saddle Shoulders
* Close Encounters of the Felted Kind
* Dr. Strageknit or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Test Swatch
* Driving Miss Daisy Crazy or: Learn to Check For Errata
* Fatal Attraction to Fun Fur
* Gone With The Wool
* The Good, The Bad, and the Frogged
* A Lace of Their Own
* A Sweater To Three Wives
* Merinostruck
* Of Moths and Men
* The Patternist
* Rebel Without a Skein
* The Sweater Year Itch
and that perennial favorite:
You've Got Mailorder

I think it could be BIG......

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Ella said...

And for all of us who indulge in a little horror now and then, here are some more recommendations:

- I know what you knit last summer
- Scary Sweater
- Knitmare on Elm Street

Or are you more of a sci fi fan? How about the following then:

- 2001 - Odyssee in stitches
- Knit Wars: The Swatch Strikes Back (or the sequel "The Return of the Lifeline" which is highly recommended for lace knitters)

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