Friday, April 3, 2009

Stand Back!!! I'm Being Brilliant!

Soup Night is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Once a month, I make two soups and we host a 3-hour open house where friends drop in, mingle, and relax. It's a great way to see more of our friends on a regular basis, and a chance for our friends to get to know each other. Of course, the drawback is.....

Summer is coming.

A nice steaming bowl of soup just loses its appeal when it's 104 degrees outside, and I just don't like cold soup. I've tried, and while a few of my friends make wonderful gazpacho, it's a bit too much like eating salsa for me. I was trying to think of replacement ideas for soup night, but the Year of No Processed Foods rules have eliminated almost everything, and what was left was eliminated by the very nature of "soup night."

Soup Night works because the soup can be kept warm on the stove during the party--provided the soups don't contain rice or noodles or anything else that continues to expand indefinitely. Sometimes people come early, sometimes they come late, and sometimes we have more people than the usual 20 or so, so there also has to be an inexact amount of food. Soup is perfect, and any leftovers can usually be frozen. We did briefly think of ice cream, but unless we make it ourselves or buy 30 little pint containers of Haggen Daz, it's all illegal....not to mention really, REALLY messy.

But, what to do about summer was a problem....but I think I have it now:

June will be a pancake supper
July will be a zucchini cookoff
August will be a salsa-tasting

I'll let you know if anyone shows up in July.....


Mandy said...

Now that sounds like fun. Are you going to grow some of the zucchini?

Rete said...

Pasta salad works too

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