Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I Have Learned This Week

*  Do not underestimate how much water a pillow can actually hold

*  If a recipe says something like "carefully pour," I'm in over my head.  I don't think I'd even know if I was carelessly pouring, and if I wouldn't recognize if I was doing something wrong, how would I ever figure out how to do it right?

*  Having successfully made zucchini chocolate cake obviously gave me a foolish sense of optimism about my ability to make desserts.  A recent "caramelized pumpkin custard" incident has put me back in my place.

*  It is possible to cook a custard for an extra half an hour and STILL not have the knife come out clean like the recipe says it should.

*  Going out and stirring up the compost bin is a good way to squelch spring fever

* A goal to read 100 books during a year can be made much easier by reading a lot of short "mind-popcorn" types of books, even if they are a little silly and predictable

*  If you and your spouse have made the rule that the one who cooks doesn't have to do dishes, it's best to also make the rule "leaving dishes 'to soak' is a complete load of crap"

*  If you spent a large portion of last winter entertaining a cat with a cast, the cat might start to believe this is your function during winter months


Rachael said...

lol re your cat problem. My one dog TOTALLY thinks it's my job to entertain him and/or provide a body to warm him up at all times.

Anonymous said...
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RobinH said...

You mean entertaining cats is *not* our function? That is not what our cat thinks, that's for sure!

Viviana said...

your pumpkin custard must be related to a nightmarish pumpkin flan that I tried - it was completely inedible.

I had a good recipe for pumkin flan, but damned if I can find that one again.


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