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Thrift Shop Day

Saturday morning, my cousin, Dustin, picked up Andy and I for a thrift shop day.  Sort of like hitting garage sales, I suppose, except involving less driving and the ability to use credit cards.  We started the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
(which might have something to do with that second pot of coffee, in all fairness....) and were at the first store shortly after it opened.  Thrift stores can be a great resource for all sorts of things, and we covered a lot of them.   We're all avid readers,
and I was delighted to find an inexpensive copy of the 1946 printing of The Joy of Cooking,
where I found a recipe for peanut butter and bacon canapes (toast rounds of bread on one side, spread the other side with peanut butter, then for inexplicable reasons, cover the peanut butter with thin strips of bacon and broil until bacon is crisp), which I suppose one might have served with a nice chilled sauerkraut cocktail (of  which there are two versions and both involve willingly drinking sau…

Things I've Learned This Week

*  The optimism that makes me do things like canning two different types of salsa in the same day REALLY needs to be checked.

*  There is something immensely satisfying about throwing blossom-end-rotted tomatoes against the Fence From Hell

*  Trying to shoo the grasshopper that the cat is playing with back into the garage is a really big waste of time.  Squash the bug--the cat can find another one.

*  Garden problems come in quantities.  One doesn't just get slugs.  One gets slugs and fungus and grasshoppers and blossom end rot and aphids and moles and......

*  If the cookbook is too close to the stove, steam coming out from under the lid of the canner can REALLY wrinkle the pages.  This is best not discovered with a book from the library.....

*  It can now be 105 degrees one day, 69 degrees the next day, and NO ONE makes clothes for summers like this.

*  When borrowing movies from the library, a set of Doris Day movies and a modern British police drama about solving horrific murd…

Why Is It......

...that as soon as I bought a computer from Dell, they started emailing me with hundreds of advertisements to buy a new computer.  Do most people actually buy them in sets or pairs?

...that when I have strained my elbow (yet again) and am trying hardest to NOT do anything to it, I am 10 times more likely to bonk it on the walls or door frames as I walk past them?

...that the more times someone posts about God or Jesus on Facebook, the more I doubt the strength of their religious beliefs?  Am I just a cynic, or was Shakespeare really on to something about human nature when he wrote, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks?"

...that the cat who freely snubs me most of the day regularly needs attention at 1:00 AM?

...that just when my flowerbed is looking great after several months of work, the cats have decided that it is the perfect nap spot, as opposed to the 4000 other options available?

Trying To Change My Perspective

No matter how cute this song is, having a grasshopper jump onto my head while I'm picking tomatoes STILL makes me want to murder all 6-legged creatures........

Coming Up On 4 Years

Next month Andy & I will celebrate our 4-year wedding anniversary.  It REALLY doesn't seem possible that it has been 4 years already, but as they say, time flies when you're having fun. 

When we got married, we decided to do cologne/perfume as our wedding gifts for each other, and then to pick out a new cologne/perfume each year on our anniversaries.  I know a lot of people don't wear scent or wear only one scent EVER, but we've really had a good time with this. I wish we could get the same salesperson year after year, because it always takes us a while to explain to the salesclerks that we aren't looking to buy one that we already have--that seems to stump them.  Maybe the idea of only wearing one scent for one's entire life is more common than I thought, but eventually we get things straightened out. 

We're getting nice little collections.  This is me
The Guess perfume was for our wedding--and came with a watch for unknown reasons.  The plaid bottle is…

The Garden

If you're wondering why I haven't been discussing the garden recently, it's because I've been MUCH too busy learning new things from the garden.  Such as

*  Some yellow spots & discoloration on squash leaves are due to fungus.  This can theoretically be cured by applications of fungicide, but it works better when it can be sprayed when it will be cool for several hours but not raining.....and can't be sprayed in the wind, such as the wind we get almost every single night.  I, however, should be fungus free for the rest of my life

*  Blossom end rot on tomatoes can be stopped by mixing 1 Tablespoon of epsom salts per gallon of water, but it would be a good idea to add it to ALL your tomatoes, in case your garden is one of the really perverse ones that will decide to get blossom end rot in a different tomato plant after you already caught it on another one.  (Edited later to add:  In spite of the fact that I found this listed in several places, it is completely un…

GREAT Article That Deserves To Be Shared

Things I've Learned This Week

*  Cool weather doesn't just mean that it's finally possible to spray fungicide.  It also likely means rain.  Probably while or right after spraying said fungicide.

*  Taking a shower in the summer is a much more interesting event than it is in the winter.  In the winter it's harder to play "Guess what bug/soil/spray/twigs I'm covered in today?"

*  Even if the little clerk at the gardening store doesn't have the faintest idea what she's talking about, she'll talk with great certainty about what is wrong with your plant leaves.

*  I planted cucumbers and ended up with spaghetti squash.  I planted Hubbard squash and ended up with pumpkins.  Now I know why my family raised cattle for a living instead of vegetables:  You don't breed a cow and end up with a llama.

*  Either Theo can't actually tell what fresh catnip looks like when it's still on the plant or he prefers his catnip to be served by his human staff.

*   Finding that we still ha…

It's War

It's a little easier to embrace nature when nature isn't kicking your ass in the garden.

A Find!

Friday, I found this at a used book store:
A FUN Encyclopedia. 

What more can one ask for?

A Busy Week

I have been waiting & waiting for this for months, but this week
I could finally make more of my favorite pickles.  It's a bit later than last  year, but then again last year one of my cucumber plants didn't turn out to be spaghetti squash.  I still have lots of the traditional dills from last year, so I won't be making any of those this year.  Just the ones from this recipe.  I love these so much I have been known to polish off half a pint at a time. 

The tomatoes continue to grow
and are now taller than me.  So far, however, this entire jungle has coughed up 1 Lemon Boy tomato and I think we're up to 8 cherry tomatoes now.  I could understand it while it was cool, but it's hot now.  REALLY hot
so frankly, I think we need to start seeing a few more tomatoes.  It's kind of a bad gardening year all the way around.  This is my zucchini
which might get around to a zucchini by the time it freezes, but at this rate it's actually on target for Christmas.

My fall…