Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally Standing Up To Big, Ignorant Bully

Today 400 rabbis called for Rupert Murdoch to sanction Fox News and Glenn Beck for his basic "if-you-don't-agree-with-me-you're-a-Nazi" and blatant misrepresentations of what happened during the Holocaust and what the Nazis actually did (which was not, incidentally, about health care)  They took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, which I haven't actually read since Murdoch bought it, because I assume it can no longer be trusted to be at all factual.

The full article can be read here in the Guardian, which is a United Kingdom paper.  I haven't seen anything about it in any American papers as of yet, which in itself is interesting.

I hope they follow with an all-out advertising ban and product boycott of anything that advertises on Fox News.  I am going to start emailing companies directly to make sure they are not supportive of such hate-mongering before we continue to do business with them.  Freedom of speech should not include hate speech and bully pulpit badgering, nor lies and rewriting history.  You can't have a bully pulpit without a bully, and Glenn Beck and Fox News is nothing but bullying and propaganda.  Which, incidentally, IS very similar to what the Nazis did, which just shows you why those who fail to study history are Fox News's best demographic....

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Mandy said...

It seems horrifying to me that it is possible for a news broadcaster to rant so publicly like this. In the UK we have the Press Complaints Commission:
Which does have a few teeth, though not all newspapers abide by their rules. Some no longer are even members, so I won't buy them on principle.
We have something similar for broadcast media - radio and TV.
Is there nothing like this in the US?

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