Monday, January 10, 2011

Second Week, Second Event

 Yesterday after breakfast we drove down to the local university to catch the final day of the free photography exhibition,
and you would be seeing more details if my camera battery hadn't died right after taking this picture, which is sort of ironic at a photography exhibit.  The exhibit was black and white photographs of the Katsura Imperial Villa in Japan taken by Ishimoto Yasuhiro.  There was a very nice handout available which explained why we were looking at pictures of empty rooms and how the black & white photography was expressive of a modern art movement.  Certainly an interesting thing to see, and I think we both enjoyed it, and it was certainly worth free.  That's such an amazing thing-here is an exhibit of a famous photographer just sitting here open to the public.  What a great thing.  They even had a preschool program about Japanese building, and the preschool artwork results were also displayed:

though they are a lot less blurry than the camera on my phone would lead you to believe.  All quite cool & a nice way to spend 30 minutes on a Sunday. 

And now that I have a recharged camera battery, our book sale haul:
The one on the left is a collection of Christmas stories by Charles Dickens (yeah, apparently he wrote more than one), and the one on the right is Marco Polo's own accounts of his travels.  We thought that might be interesting as the ORIGINAL travel book.
For $1, I'm hoping this little houseplant book (with color pictures, thankfully) will help me NOT kill so many houseplants--or at least kill them more slowly. 
I love mysteries, and some authors are so good I really can read them over & over. 
Some woodworking books for Andy.  The one on the left is actually a furniture making text book, complete with discussion questions such as "What is the purpose of a V-block and how is it used?" and "What is the difference between a clamp nail and a corrugated fastener?"  Whoo hoo!  Wild nights ahead at Chateau Sutton Goar!!
I was excited to find books by two of my favorite authors, Doris Lessing and P.G. Wodehouse, who have absolutely nothing in common,
and some books that we thought others might like, and last but not least
because all intellectual events really should end with the Muppets.


Janet said...

What a diverse showing of books. And I agree, the muppets are a great finish for anything!

carolyn said...

Ooh, good book haul! Your muppet movies crack me up.


You know you've reached a whole new level of gardening when you receive a wholesale catalog.....