Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Updates

I seem to have bronchitis AGAIN, so I'm a bit behind.  So, some random updates:

*  Since without processed foods we really don't have lots of easy breakfast options available, I have started mixing up my own single-serving yogurts for us:
and while I don't think anyone actually eats yogurt for the taste of it, they've been pretty good so far, though you'd be surprised how much wheat germ will flavor yogurt in a day or so....

*  I am ready for dried bananas again!  Remember those live shots of pantry moth infestation that I shared earlier?  Those were of pantry moths infesting our dehydrated bananas.  Even though it's my favorite dried fruit, I have to admit that I haven't been willing to face the things for the last few months.  But last week I found bags of need-to-sell-fast bananas at the grocery store, so
 *  I tried my monthly sourdough-bread-without-a-book challenge
and had the bread actually risen it probably would have been quite tremendous.  It isn't bad flat & dumpy, but you wouldn't want to let it get too stale or one might break a tooth.  I think I let it ferment too long without re-feeding the yeast.  

*  Free event of the week:  Last week I attended a knitting club at the library, and Andy ended up taking a free guided tour of our state capitol building, which he said was quite interesting.  We aren't sure what the project for this week will be, but it will depend on when I shake this nasty virus.  Though at least if we go to something while I'm still on cold medicine, I won't notice if it's a bit on the boring side, so this could really be a good thing......................

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