Thursday, January 20, 2011

Theo and I

After we went through the ordeal of Theo and the broken leg, he and I have formed a rather unique relationship, and I have grown to accept that Theo now believes my sole function in life is to entertain him. Fine.  Not that I'm going to, but I accept that he believes it.  He seems to also believe I cannot do anything without him,
I have also come to accept the fact that if Andy and I dare to go out in the evening, we will be greeted at the garage door by a strongly disapproving kitty--complete with twitching tail and usually lots of complaining meows.  Theo also has such strong associations between things that after the kitty physical therapist tried using a little bell for aversion therapy to get him to use his bad leg more, I have to remove the bell from all new collars, or else he runs around the house in terror.  After they brushed him each time he finished the kitty hydrotherapy, he is afraid of being brushed and I can only do it while he's sleeping.  I can live with all of that.

What I really wish we could get past is Theo's certainty that I need to know when he uses the litterbox.

When he first came home from the hospital, I had to saran-wrap his cast and hold him up in the litter box so he could use it, and then later had to keep an eye on him to make sure he wasn't developing a bladder infection or kitty constipation for a second time, so I really did pay a lot of attention to his litter box habits--I admit.  Unfortunately, Theo is an unusual animal with very strong associations, so if I do something once or twice, he automatically assumes it will continue indefinitely.  So here we are--two years later--and during the winter months when it's too cold for the cats to use the garden as humongous outdoor litter boxes, Theo thinks he needs to tell me every time he's about to use the litter box.  Every. Single. Time.  

You just can't buy closeness like that. 


Janet said...

He is definitely a self made kitty, lol. Actually I have one here that also likes to announce what she is doing. I can understand completely.

Mandy said...

Aren't cats wonderful. Felix, one of my two cats, always has to tell us when he is coming upstairs to bed. He starts shouting at the foot of the stairs and continues all the way up......... Unfortunately, he likes to take his time.

RobinH said...

I can't figure out why our newest cat feels the need to supervise *my* litter box habits! I can't go into the bathroom without him coming out to supervise! And then the other one wants to know what's going on, is it a party? And by the time I'm done, I feel I should stand up and take a bow.

So.. Could you use Theo's strong associations to try and *undo* some of these habits? Like brush him, and then give him a treat? (This may just substitute one problem for another!)


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