Friday, January 14, 2011

Tomorrow Will Be Six Weeks

As of tomorrow, it will be 6 weeks since I broke my toe, and the darn thing still hurts!  And
it's still bruised!  Okay, not as badly as before:
but it's been SIX WEEKS!!!!  Don't I get a "Get Out of Pain Free" card or something? 


Abby said...

Maybe the fact your toe is not completely healed yet is acting as a talisman! Or maybe having a sore toe is making you more careful. Except with the sewing. ;-)

carolyn said...

As we age (say this in a voice of deep wisdom) it takes longer for us to heal. I sprained my ankle last summer and it took the longest time to heal up. As my husband says "be patient". Of course, I wanted to tell him to stuff it!

Janet said...

It is looking better. I broke my big toe when I was in Jr. High. It took 2 years before it quit hurting. Of course, table legs and other such odd furniture used to jump out and help to hurry the process along, lol.

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