Saturday, February 26, 2011

And The Free Event This Week Was....

A book lecture entitled "Worst Journeys," which discussed lots of journeys where people died--which I would have to agree, would be a pretty bad journey.

It was put on by the library system as part of the Big Read project.  This is such a wonderful program, and this year's book is Jack London's Call of the Wild.  I have read the book, but not for years, but among other things, it involves a really bad journey--hence the connection.

I'm not sure what is going on nationally, but locally there have been sled dog talks and demonstrations, programs with the local Boise Police K9 units, readings, movies.  All kinds of stuff.  Just tremendous stuff. There's even a free snowshoe trial at Bogus Basin next weekend.  Until this year, I knew about the program, but had never been to any events associated with The Big Read.  THINK of all the stuff I have missed!!!!!

The local events go through March.  YAY!

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